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Implementation of one central invoice output, including legally binding signatures and country-specific legal compliance

Compliance and SLAs

Our compacer service makes it easy to comply with contractual agreements and national regulations in international invoicing

Reduction of process and operating costs

Automation significantly reduces the costs caused by media disruptions, erroneous (manual) information transfers, lengthy coordination and approval processes and error-prone and slow (manual) processing, and also frees internal resources
Reduzierung der Lagerhaltungskosten

Improved transparency

Digitalisation creates transparency across all process steps and provides traceability and verifiability, thus enabling an invoice tracking, e.g. by sending a confirmation upon receipt of the invoice

Improved cash flow

The integration of individual IT systems unifies the entire company in one global network, so that events are monitored and data is visualised in easy-to-understand reports. Invoice processing thus becomes much more efficient

The project at a glance


The internationally operating company had to fight on two fronts at once:
On the one hand, more than 4 million outgoing invoices per year had to be sent to various EU countries while complying with different national requirements. Country-specific legal provisions that were constantly growing more complex made the process of electronic invoicing a demanding challenge.

On the other hand, the overall process for outgoing invoices lacked in transparency and was not integrated into other internal IT systems. The resulting manual processing not only placed heavy demands on the operational and IT departments, but also tied up resources from national subsidiaries.

To close the resulting “compliance gap” and enable invoice tracking, invoice processing was to be automated and funnelled through one central, controlled outbound interface.


Using our compacer e-invoicing process platform, we were able to solve both problems at once:
After digitalising the entire invoicing process, incoming invoices are now captured and archived in the customer’s ERP system and the entire invoice exchange has been automated. This provides one centralized invoice output that also ensures legally binding digital signatures via one interface for all international invoices. The invoices are then automatically adapted to their respective country of issue and applicable local requirements via compacer’s country-specific invoice transmission frameworks, such as SDI/Fattura PA, PEPPOL, Facturae, eSPAP, etc.

With this solution, invoices can now be tracked thanks to a variety of checking routines and a digital partner dialogue, and the process has become transparent thanks to an ongoing invoice monitoring with edpem. And what’s best: it was not necessary to adapt the respective ERP systems of the group’s European subsidiaries. Through cyclical audits and the connection to various networks, such as PEPPOL or Fattura PA, our compacer service also ensures that changing regulations on signatures, verification, archiving as well as clearance and post-audit requirements are constantly updated in the system, so that our customers automatically comply with them when issuing invoices.
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Our customer

is a global financial services with headquarters in Germany. He is also active in the leasing of office communication products and has subsidiaries throughout Europe.

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