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Improving supply chain monitoring in only six months

compacer creates seamless processes to bridge logistics and production

Transparency in the delivery process

By integrating a monitoring tool, employees and service providers get a clear overview of all delivery processes

Real-time monitoring

The service provider and its customers are always informed about all delivery status through tracking and tracing
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Rapid information capability

By monitoring the entire supply chain, real-time data can be used to deliver accurate, up-to-date information to partners and customers

Improved service and quality

Achieving transparency across the entire delivery process has led to smoother and more efficient customer/provider relationships, saving time and valuable resources

The project at a glance


The pharmaceutical company collaborates closely with logistics service providers. However, ordering in this sector is highly volatile, it was thus not possible to make any precise statements on capacity utilisation, which repeatedly led to problems with the service providers during collection. Delivery companies must be informed as soon as possible about the volume of goods, the precise pick-up time and place and of the means of transport required. But providing transport data in real time proved to be a real challenge in their cooperation. Another critical challenge was to track and trace the goods. The existing warehouse management system was not used efficiently in some cases due to a lacking connection of individual areas. The mission was to also integrate real-time monitoring for internal and external departments as well as for service providers in order to optimise all logistics processes.


To improve the different logistics processes, we implemented edpem as an end-to-end monitoring solution. This provided a complete overview of the delivery process, from the SAP order document to the invoice and up to the actual delivery of the goods. The mission also included monitoring the warehouse management system, which had to be connected first.

The consistent tracking of goods across the entire supply chain enabled all stakeholders to quickly access information without having to involve other departments. This saved valuable time and resources. We could ensure an optimised selection of delivery vehicles for picking up the parcels as well as an end-to-end product batch tracking.

We could also guarantee the security of internal IT systems, as external partners only needed access to edpem instead of access permissions for internal applications. All packages are scanned, so that customer orders can now be tracked and traced.

The result: problems could be identified early on and process owners were notified in real time. edpem enabled the company to manage the entire shipping process, from packaging the product right up to the actual delivery to the customer. Electronic data interchange (EDI) and the automation it has triggered have created new opportunities for better service and higher quality – both for the customer and his logistics service providers.
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Our client

is a pharmaceutical company that treats patients worldwide with products “Made in Germany”, almost all of which are manufactured directly at the Baden-Baden headquarters and delivered via a large-scale distribution network. Their focus is on developing and producing drugs from natural ingredients. The company has grown to a global player and is now active in 50 countries.

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