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A B2B Gateway for a client from the advertising industry

Optimising the existing e-business system with a new B2B gateway

Reducing costs by implementing uniform standards and automating manual tasks with compacer’s B2B Gateway


Gaining full transparency and information capability by automating the processes for loading and consolidating article master data. This implies a reduction of the amount of time spent on manual tasks.


Increasing data quality through test logics in order to automatically intercept “bad” data. This provides a better basis for decision-making.
Reduzierung der Lagerhaltungskosten


Reducing external costs for setting up, operating and extending connectors by means of uniform standards. This also allows for the cost-efficient connection of web shops.


Connect partners to your product database in a fast and agile way

The project at a glance


The company and its structures have grown rapidly in recent years. The previous infrastructure was no longer able to cope with the growth of online business and the rapidly increasing number of supplier shops. Due to uncontrolled proliferation, there was a lack of uniform standards that caused high programming costs for interfaces and connectors. In addition, the data quality left a lot to be desired because outdated products and data were still in the database.


compacer optimised and extended the existing e-business system for the promotional item company’s online shop that holds more than 300,000 article master records and is supplied by a network of promotional item dealers and suppliers. We implemented a 3-layer architecture and set up a B2B gateway so that existing, heterogeneous application systems could be integrated in a process-oriented manner. Subsequently, we connected 1,000 manufacturers so that they can transmit article master data back and forth. edbic and edpem are the foundation for an automated onboarding of new articles into the consolidated shop, and also the scalable platform for future adaptations of any kind. We could eliminate old products from the database and have implemented product group-dependent check logics so that articles can be assigned and flagged automatically. Using compacer software, standards have been defined and the costs for setting up, operating and expanding connectors have been significantly reduced. As an extra, we have established an automated business reporting for the platform.
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from the advertising and promotional items industry is part of the largest company network in Europe in this sector. The network has a total of over 6000 members. These include agencies, manufacturers, distributors and importers. Member services include a networking platform, (electronic and personal) product research and various online services. These services are essential for successful market access, which is why an e-business platform had to be set up.

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