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Condition monitoring &
predictive maintenance at BURKHARDT+WEBER

Condition monitoring in the manufacture of machine tools

More transparency on all levels thanks to the compacer IoT Gateway

cost reduction

Thanks to the ability to better plan maintenance operations and optimised and scheduled operating times on the basis of power measurements
Real-time Auswertung

real time evaluation of the machine status

Better planning thanks to the avoidance of unplanned maintenance downtimes and the reduction of downtimes to a minimum

process optimisation within the supply chain

Automated order proposals, e.g., in the case of defective components, which also reduces errors in the reordering of operating resources

remote controlling

More transparency through mobile remote controlling (via app).

The project at a glance

In the long term, the compacer IoT solution is to be integrated into all of BURKHARDT+WEBER’s machining centres. By installing compacer IoT Gateways based on edbic, data from the machine control system are collected. In the future, BURKHARD+WEBER machines will be able to provide a multitude of data, which will show the condition of the machine and its performance on a dashboard based on real-time analysis.
The IoT Hub prepares those data in order to enable various evaluations and to give the responsible person, e.g., a machine operator, a clear overall view at all times. By connecting the machines to our compacer solution, condition monitoring is provided as a first step, which then acts as a stepstone to achieve predictive maintenance. In this way, BURKHARDT+WEBER creates optimal conditions for its customers to implement upcoming digitalisation projects in production processes.
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BURKHARDT+WEBER is well known in the world of large machining centres. The Reutlingen-based German company delivers to all parts of the world – wherever top-notch quality is required.

For 130 years, the company is geared on the development of efficient and innovative production solutions for the high quality machining of steel, cast iron and titanium parts.

The machining centres are further developed in interdisciplinary teams and all core components and in-house developments are manufactured in-house.

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