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Présentation d'edbic

Jeudi 4 février 2021 à 9H30

compacer vous présente sa solution edbic: "La réponse à l'obsolescence de votre solution EDI".
Cette WebConférence s’adresse à tous les utilisateurs et sociétés utilisant une solution EDI. Cette session en direct est animée par Astrid Dupuis et Franck Pourchasse. N'hésitez-pas à les poser des questions maintenant.

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Online Event - Port Integration Days 2021

23th & 24th February 2021

compacer and HPC invite you for a second time to the Port Integration Days 2021. This time live in the digital space.
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Web Sesssion: Message Exchange Service takes a leap in business process management

26th November 2020

Learn how CGI Finland and especially their customers benefits from the many advantages of the modernization:

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IoT Talk Berlin

18./19th June 2019, Berlin

Everyone is talking about IIoT, but the reality still looks different: often analog to semi-digital and sometimes companies are quite cautious. In our presentation, we will prepare you for your IIoT Project and show real customer examples. We'll explain how a successful roll-out looks like and how historical data can help you toward predictive maintenance. It's not too complicated: find and use your benefits and start your journey! Get an overview:
  • - Digitization is not an end in itself – what is it all about?
  • - Predictive Maintenance Use Case in Manufacturing
  • - The Need for historical Data in the Future
  • - The Challenge of heterogeneous Data and how to harmonize it
  • - A practical Approach: easy Steps into the digital World

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Web Session: Platform economics in IIOT: Lessons learned

18th of July 2019, 11:00-12:00 am

Platform economics is considered the heart of the digital revolution. Airbnb, Amazon, Apple & Co. show what's in a B2C platform. Industrial platforms such as Siemens MindSphere, Adamos or Axoom are expected to pave the way for the "smart factory". But how do you find space with your company here and can use platforms for themselves?

That awaits you in the web session:
- What is the motivation and when does it make sense to build one?
- What challenges were mastered and what was the procedure?
- What does "agnostic ecosystem" mean?
- What is the difference to other ecosystems?

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