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Predictive Maintenance is a method to prevent unexpected machine or component failures through data-driven procedures. Most machines and systems are already equipped with a range of sensors and usually generate their own data, e.g. via Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Our integration platform edbic interfaces machine and sensor data with analytics systems.

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In many manufacturing companies, heterogeneous production environments have evolved over time and many production lines still operate with a low degree of automation. These can – and should – now be integrated into the new digital world. By retrofitting existing plants and machines with modern components, they can be integrated into your digital production.

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“Blockchain” has become a topical buzzword in the same way “Big Data” or “Industrial IoT” have joined the list of tech hypes. But do you even know what blockchain technology is about? Since the crypto currency Bitcoin appeared in 2008, the underlying blockchain technology has become an established concept in the financial world. By now, the technology has gained much praise even beyond finance.

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When it comes to digital invoice data exchange, you can quickly, easily and efficiently achieve successes with compacer’s solution for e-invoicing – and even after a relatively short project duration of only 4 months. With e-invoicing, we can keep tabs on the entire purchase-to-pay or order-to-cash process, both for billers (suppliers) and for recipients (customers), because both have different objectives.

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A secure, reliable and fast exchange of information is an advantage because it allows you to operate proactively on fast-paced markets. Our EDI solution will improve the quality and informational content of your data, speed up your business processes through automation and turbocharge your transmission speed. All of this contributes to an improved process transparency and a better communication with your business partners, ultimately reducing costs.

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Companies often find it difficult to migrate. That does not have to be! With the unique compacer migration solution, everything is automated and easy for you. Migrate in a very short time and with little effort.

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Our mode of operation:
Converting challenges into smart solutions.

Are you in need of a standard solution for EDI or e-invoicing? Would you like to tackle old problems with new technologies such as blockchain or predictive maintenance? We can future-proof your IT infrastructure and get it back on the innovation track, because innovation and trending topics is what we do.

We care about your flexibility, so you can always decide whether you need a cloud or an on-premise solution.


We do not merely have our fingers on the pulse of time. Rather, our vision is to remain one step ahead with our solutions. We are committed to give our customers and partners the best tools to fully exploit any opportunities presented by new trends and technologies.

We have made it our mission to develop smart solutions with real added value for our clients. To achieve this, we are deploying all our inventiveness, extensive digitalisation experience and technological proficiency.