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compacer harmonizes invoicing processes and IT systems at leading DIY store operator

Thanks to the compacer e-invoicing platform, all manual invoice processing has been completely automated. AI and data capturing are used to recognize and process the invoice data, which can be easily archived by integrating the in-house SAP system and monitored via edpem as a monitoring solution.

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E-invoicing solution creates more transparency and speed in the invoicing process

The implementation of our e-invoicing platform led to fast and cost-efficient invoice processing and not only improved collaboration between the various departments, but also significantly improved data quality. At the same time, warehousing costs are reduced and internal resource commitment is minimized


Transparency in the individual process interfaces means that departments can work together more efficiently across the board, saving time and valuable resources.
> 85% Verbesserte Transparenz

Process cost minimization+

The end-to-end automation of the invoicing process enables a significant reduction in process costs and minimization of internal resource commitment.

> 45% reduction in process costs

Quality improvement+

Automated checking and validation of invoices and the enrichment of invoice master data have significantly improved data quality.

>35% quality improvement

The challenge

The company receives up to 400,000 incoming invoices per year in paper or PDF form, which were processed manually by a very large organizational structure. As the invoices had to be entered, assigned and checked manually, the processing effort and the associated susceptibility to errors was enormous. Other departments such as contracts and conditions and IT were also heavily involved, tying up valuable internal resources. Another critical factor was the lack of transparency of the entire invoice process, from invoice receipt to invoice issue, with all the employees and departments involved.

In order to reduce the high manual effort and costs, invoice processing was to be automated. In addition, real-time monitoring was to be integrated for all internal departments by means of monitoring in order to make the invoice process transparent and optimize it.

The solution

The complete replacement of manual invoice processing was implemented with the compacer e-invoicing platform and its various integrated core elements: Invoice validation is carried out using artificial intelligence and data capturing. This means that non-structured data is automatically read, enriched and processed by automatically recognizing invoice characteristics and a stored set of invoice verification rules (cost centre, cost unit, market number, etc.). The implementation of process workflows now enables the comparison of invoices with purchase order reference against the purchase order and delivery as well as the automation of invoice verification for invoices without purchase order reference, including contract management and goods receipt with multi-level release processes. By integrating the customer's own SAP system, it was possible to implement invoice archiving and dashboarding.

edpem was implemented as an end-to-end monitoring solution so that the overall invoicing process could also be made transparent and improved. Monitoring now guarantees a complete overview of the invoicing process, problems are detected at an early stage and those responsible for the process are notified in real time.

Our customer

is one of the leading DIY store operators in Europe with currently a total of 160 DIY and garden centers and online stores in nine European countries.

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