Ready for digital transformation ‒ with the compacer IIoT gateway

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising industry (IIoT) – although integrating a wide variety of systems remains a challenge for many companies. With edbic, our flexible IIoT gateway platform, the digital future is open to large and medium-sized companies.

Seamlessly connect old and new technologies via edbic and ensure efficient machine-to-machine communication.

Discover the benefits of a digital retrofit and unleash the full potential of your machines and systems!

We connect machines and systems for Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things poses a challenge for companies to connect a multitude of often old systems, machines, and facilities developed over many years, each with different connectivity and data format requirements.

An IIoT gateway serves as a connecting element between operating technology and IT systems by securely and reliably connecting networks and data points and simplifying the maintenance and servicing of your systems.

As a flexible IIoT gateway, compacer edbic seamlessly connects your old and new technologies and makes in-house machine-to-machine communication a breeze.

Connect, analyse, and optimise your data digitally with edbic and remain loyal to your familiar hardware.


Machine tool manufacturer BURKHARDT+WEBER uses compacer edbic as an IIoT gateway for process monitoring

BURKHARDT+WEBER has integrated an IoT gateway into its machining centres. As an Industry 4.0 platform, edbic collects data from the machine control system and monitors it continuously. Thanks to modern condition monitoring, the company saves costs caused by unexpected maintenance failures and downtimes. The automated order processes, e.g. for defective parts, accelerate production processes and facilitate planning.

The digital transformation


Enterprise Service Bus integration:

Seamless integration of different systems and applications to promote efficiency and automation.

Improved maintenance:

Our IIoT gateway enables better maintenance and servicing routines for greater efficiency.

Promoting M2M communication:

As an IIoT gateway, edbic promotes direct machine-to-machine communication in your company.

Platform for process automation:

edbic offers a robust platform that contributes to the automation of operating and production processes.

Seamless IoT integration:

With compacer edbic, integrating IoT devices and systems into your operating environment is both quick and easy.

Future-proof IIoT gateway solution:

compacer ensures that your company is equipped for the upcoming challenges of Industry 4.0.

Our software products

With our data platform as an IIoT gateway, connecting your existing systems is a breeze!


edbic ‒ Business integration cluster

compacer edbic is the smart data hub for all your data and process integration tasks. With edbic, you can synchronise and standardise various data formats, whether locally, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

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edpem ‒ Process event monitoring

compacer edpem enables you to continuously monitor and control all business processes across your organisation. This allows you to precisely control operational risks and correct them immediately if necessary.

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Companies use an IIoT gateway to make their machines and systems ready for Industry 4.0. You can find out everything you need to know about “Retrofit ‒ Industry 4.0 for Existing Systems” in our info data sheet!