e-Invoicing made easy with compacer

Digitalise your invoice processes from start to finish – from creation and dispatch to receipt and processing. Benefit from a holistic purchase-to-pay approach with the e-invoicing solution from compacer.

Increase the efficiency and precision of your invoicing processes with us while saving both time and resources!

e-Invoicing: Automated, integrated invoice management

Automating invoice processing is a crucial step in minimising manual errors while increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for companies with high invoice volumes.

Our advanced invoice networks with standards such as Peppol, ZugFeRD, VeR, and FatturaPA support you in the B2B and B2G sectors with comprehensive, international processing and clearance procedures in over 60 countries.

We integrate key accounting concepts and ERP functions such as booking proposals and dark entries to ensure seamless and compliant invoicing.

With compacer’s e-invoicing solution, you benefit from state-of-the-art, automated invoice processing that not only meets the highest security standards, but also streamlines your entire purchase-to-pay process.

We also guarantee compliance with European standards for signature, verification, and archiving, ensuring seamless and compliant processing across borders.

e-Invoicing solution from compacer for a wholesaler in the IT and consumer electronics sector

The transition to e-invoicing has resulted in around 20,000 monthly invoices, which used to be in paper form, now being automatically processed electronically and in compliance with the principles of proper accounting (GoBD). Our customer, a wholesaler in the IT sector, has not only saved vast amounts of paper by switching to the e-invoicing solution; they now also benefit from a higher processing speed in logistics, order fulfilment, and invoice processing.

Automated invoice processing

Revolutionise invoice processing by using automation to save time and money.

Optimised order-to-cash process

Improve all order-to-cash processes by implementing efficient and automated e-invoicing solutions.

Digital accounting

Modernise your accounting processes through automation to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency.

Digital incoming invoices

Minimise media disruptions and boost process efficiency by consistently processing incoming invoices in a digital format.

Customisable e-invoicing solutions

compacer offers you a flexible and scalable e-invoicing solution that is tailored to the specific requirements of your company.

ZUGFeRD conformity

Ensuring conformity with common e-invoicing standards such as ZUGFeRD for efficient and standardised invoice processing.

Our software products

With our innovative software for data integration, process automation, and continuous monitoring, we offer you the ideal foundation for an e-invoicing system in your company:


edbic ‒ Business integration cluster

compacer edbic is the smart data hub for all your data and process integration tasks. With edbic, you can synchronise and standardise various data formats, whether locally, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

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edpem ‒ Process event monitoring

compacer edpem enables you to continuously monitor and control all business processes across your organisation. This allows you to precisely control operational risks and correct them immediately if necessary.

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Free information sheet to download

You can find out everything you need to know about e-invoicing and how compacer can support your company with this in our information sheet on electronic invoice processing.
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