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Shape the future by preserving the best of the past

Revolutionise your company with a digital retrofit: bring your existing facilities and systems into the digital age in an efficient, cost-effective, and future-proof manner. Discover how you can make this transformation with compacer.

We are your expert for digital retrofits

A digital retrofit enables the revitalisation of your existing (analogue) systems and installations by integrating digital technologies.

By using IIoT gateway Industry 4.0 technologies, old and new systems can be seamlessly connected without the need for expensive investments into new hardware or infrastructure.

As experts in the field of digital retrofits, we guide you through the entire process and ensure that the retrofit measures are precisely tailored to your operational requirements. We conduct an analysis of existing systems and processes, and prioritise the integration of state-of-the-art technologies with maximum compatibility.

It goes without saying that we also handle maintenance and continuous optimisation as well as training your employees on how to use the new technologies.

Read our use cases to find out how other companies have already successfully implemented digital retrofits with compacer.


Digitalisation of analogue systems

Experience the revitalisation of your existing analogue installations and systems by integrating smart digital technologies.

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IIoT Gateway Industry 4.0

By using IIoT gateway Industry 4.0 technologies, you can connect new and existing systems and optimise operational processes without the need for expensive hardware investments.
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Digital retrofit at electrical installation technology world leader

A global leader in electrical installation technology and market leader for SCHUKO® sockets relies on compacer edbic for the digital retrofit and IoT connectivity of its machines.

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Cost-efficient modernisation:

A digital retrofit with compacer modernises your existing infrastructure without expensive investments in new hardware.

Seamless integration:

Our IIoT gateway Industry 4.0 technologies enable frictionless connectivity between your existing and new systems.

Customised solutions:

We customise the retrofit process precisely to your operational requirements and future company vision.

Modern technologies with high compatibility:

When implementing technology, we ensure operational benefits while guaranteeing compatibility with your existing systems.

Holistic service:

compacer supports you from analysis and implementation through to continuous monitoring and optimisation of your systems and processes.
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