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Smart e-invoicing and EDI make wholesalers for IT and consumer electronics digital

The requirement to automatically connect new retailers and suppliers to the system digitally was implemented using an EDI solution from compacer. In addition, paper invoices were replaced by a new e-invoicing system, which means lower costs and less work for retailers.
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e-invoicing archives 20,000 electronic and GoBD-compliant invoices per month

By switching to the e-invoicing solution, our customer not only saves vast amounts of paper, but also benefits from a higher processing speed in the areas of logistics, order and invoice processing. Thanks to the EDI-based booking format, the error rate is almost 0%.


Elimination of paper invoices and GoBD-compliant archiving.

Processing speed+

High processing speed in order processing, logistics, invoicing and payment processing.

Transparency & Monitoring+

Detailed overview of product availability, price, item and delivery information as well as billing and payment processing

The challenge

Due to the international orientation of the company, new dealers and suppliers are constantly coming on board and need to be properly connected from the outset. New products are also constantly being added, which have to be created and their availability checked. The high monthly volume of incoming invoices associated with this poses a problem in terms of resources and labor and gave suppliers and partners hardly any opportunity for flexible invoice data exchange. In particular, however, the manual effort involved in receiving invoices was enormous, very error-prone, cost-intensive and also paper-intensive. Processes needed to be automated in order to deliver added value to the supplier side through automation. A lack of transparency and monitoring within invoice processing was a major issue, as was the high volume of incoming invoices on paper.

The solution

The aim was to create a combination of an EDI solution and an e-invoicing solution so that a digital connection of the dealer and supplier network was the basis for successful processing. Thanks to compacer, an automatic onboarding environment was created for new partners - a convenient and fast way to connect new retailers digitally. With a network of many thousands of partners, this feature increases competitiveness. New requirements, e.g. chat technology for querying the availability of goods, were also mapped. This means that our customer's business partners have different digital channels to call up price and delivery information on items. This solution was extended with the compacer e-invoicing platform, so that more efficient, highly automated work processes could be created. Thanks to the connection, invoices are received in a compliant, automated and digital manner and can be archived. The error rate for manual entry is close to zero thanks to EDI-based booking formats and the need for paper invoices is eliminated, which was very important to our customer. This reduces process costs and increases processing speed in order processing, logistics, invoicing and payment processing. We currently archive almost 20,000 GoBD-compliant invoices electronically every month, which were previously received in paper format.

Our customer

is a global wholesaler/distributor of IT products, consumer electronics and telecommunications with branches in North and South America as well as in many European countries. It is the link to its partners and exists in a large technology ecosystem. This includes meeting the constant demand for new trends, solutions and products, which is achieved through exceptional service and expertise as well as fast technical implementation.

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