Tool-supported data migration provides time savings of up to 95%

Migrating processes and data from various sources poses a challenge for many companies. With our specialised data migration software, the migration process is automated and up to 95% faster than a manual migration!

We’ll show you how you can easily complete the tool-supported migration using compacer edbic and edpem.

Master migration projects quickly and easily

Companies that want to merge processes and data from different IT systems are often faced with the problem of outdated software and complex, customised systems.

Discover edbic, our advanced platform for seamless data and process integration. With edbic, you orchestrate all business data, processes, and systems in a single, end-to-end workflow. Our specialised translation tool facilitates migration by automatically translating and adapting code, resulting in significant time savings.

Our platform not only promotes automation, thereby optimising business processes, but also enables clear visualisation and stable monitoring of your business processes in conjunction with edpem.

Automated migration with 70% less migration effort thanks to tool-supported porting tools

An automated migration with over 600 mappings from TradeXpress to edbic took place. The tool-based migration resulted in a 70% reduction in effort, increased the IT efficiency of the company, and made it adaptable to future technologies in the areas of security, communication, and data processing.

Significant cost savings

Thanks to detailed complexity analysis and precise estimation of the required migration scope.

Data integrity

We ensure that the data remains correct and consistent throughout the entire migration process.

Time savings

Compared to manual migration, automated data migration is 70-95% faster.

Minimised project risk

Thanks to early identification of risks through continuous monitoring.

Predictable and calculable

Transition times thanks to tested solutions with foreseeable outcomes.

Simple code

The translation code TE2 is identical to the original format in terms of syntax and semantics after conversion.

Our software products

With our innovative software for data integration, process automation, and continuous monitoring, tool-supported migration is incredibly simple.


edbic ‒ Business integration cluster

compacer edbic is the smart data hub for all your data and process integration tasks. With edbic, you can synchronise and standardise a wide variety of data formats, whether locally, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

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edpem ‒ Process event monitoring

compacer edpem enables you to continuously monitor and control all business processes across your organisation. This allows you to precisely control operational risks and correct them immediately if required.

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