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A blockchain consists of a series of expandable data sets, so-called blocks, that are linked to each other by cryptographic methods. It is a kind of distributed electronic ledger or database, where records are added by digital transactions without the interference of a central administrator. A distributed ledger gives all the participants of the network shared read and write permissions and has a network of replicated databases that are being synchronised via the internet and that are visible to anyone in the network. Each block contains a secure hash of the previous block, a time stamp and its own transaction data.

The major advantage is that the data cannot be controlled by a single entity and that the Peer-to-Peer nature makes trusted intermediaries unnecessary. Among other things, this makes a blockchain forgery-proof, because any and all subsequent transactions are built on the previous ones and must be correct to be validated.

What is a Blockchain?

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The editorial staff of the CIOApplications magazine attaches enormous importance to blockchain technology. Therefore, a jury of the magazine once a year chooses the top 10 European blockchain providers. compacer is one of the top 10! The listing publishes the top ten leading global companies offering blockchain technology and transformation solutions.

The concept of decentralization that underlies this technology is so groundbreaking and diverse that the fields of application seem to be almost infinite. Blockchain technology is already revolutionizing the procedure of many processes worldwide, such as invoicing - and this is just the beginning.

It is important to us to help our customers and find out when blockchain applications are justifiable and economical.

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We take care of the development of applications that we will run on your behalf on a predetermined distributed DTL network.


compacer guarantees individual and holistic solutions. Therefore, we accompany you from your initial DLT idea to the development of a proof-of-concept and consult you until your product is finished.


Our portfolio includes the provision of a secure platform (PaaS). We want our clients to remain flexible, therefore, you can choose from different service packages. Just ask us!


Of course, we guarantee an optimal maintenance of your DLT network.

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