Tax Advice 4.0

Say goodbye to paper files and hello to Tax Advice 4.0

The current state of affairs

The progress of digitalisation doesn’t leave the tax consulting industry untouched. The biggest and most obvious change is probably in the monthly collaboration of tax advisors with their clients: the elimination of paper files being sent back and forth to exchange documents and receipts. To keep up with the ever-evolving digitalisation, including the recent boost in mobile working and working from home, you have to rethink everything!

The solution: Tax Advice 4.0

Tax Advice 4.0 is radically changing both the work processes within tax accountancy and tax law firms and the entire area of communication and data transmission between clients, tax advisors / tax lawyers and tax authorities. In many places, “digital collaboration” is still understood as the client scanning paper documents and attaching them to an e-mail or manually uploading them to a cloud application for electronic data processing. The aim of digital transformation, however, is to minimize the manual and administrative effort for tax advisors as well as their clients and the tax offices. In fact, there is a simple solution tailored to this very process that lets you handle your client’s accounting processes quickly and easily!

A secure cloud service for tax advisors and clients

Tax Advice 4.0 simplifies and standardises the transmission of documents to the tax office, and thus the interaction between your clients and the tax authorities – regardless of whether the information is exchanged as structured electronic data or as scanned documents. The onboarding process, i.e., the connection of new users to this system, is dead simple and really uncomplicated for you.

Onboard your clients now to get your digital initiative going!

A simple solution: automated, clear, easy to use and safe!

Clear overview of all documents

Check the status of your documents and receipts at just one glance and immediately see which ones are still open and need further action.
The clear structure and the possibility to create folders will simplify your daily routine work.

Central document capture and import

Scan your receipts in an easy and secure manner. All documents will be imported onto the platform and stored centrally. You will never have to search for important documents again!

Stay informed

The comment function informs you on the current state of affairs.

Convenient search function

The search and tagging functions will put a stop to tedious research and save a lot of time.

Intelligent text recognition

Thanks to artificial intelligence, data is automatically recognised and transmitted in digitized form. This applies to all scanned documents and receipts.

Rights management

Easily manage user rights and access levels: you decide who is allowed to view, change, upload and approve documents.


All documents and receipts are archived in an audit-proof manner so that they can be viewed and traced at any time. All receipts are available in digital form for further processing.

Guaranteed data security

We care about the security of your data and the protection of your data is our top priority.

Get started:

quick and easy onboarding

To get you up and running, simply connect your clients and grant them access to the system:

Onboarding directly via the ETL office: an automatic invitation to set their password. For increased security, users can activate two-factor authentication to sign in. Depending on the access rights granted, only you as an ETL employee and/or the responsible tax advisor can modify the master and company data.

ETL employees can be granted different access roles: Assistant, Accountant, Tax Advisor, Auditor and Lawyer. Depending on the assigned role and the respective scope of services, the system will show different contents and offer different actions.

The system automatically recognises which user and which company is logged in. The user identity is particularly important, because it controls their access to documents and the corresponding signature. The user identity is also decisive for using the assigned rights.

This is how everything stays secure!
After the rapid onboarding process that lets you and your clients experience a swift and effortless start, you are ready to go: easily scan all documents to be transmitted using the lightning-fast mobile scanning function. Thanks to artificial intelligence and the automatic recognition of invoice features, accounting data are accurately recognised and processed.

The general document overview lets you see all existing documents at a glance. The system displays the original document next to the captured data, so that you can check one against the other. It’s up to you whether you do this for your client or whether he verifies the data on his own.

You can create folders to create your own data structure, and organise, filter, search and browse all information as needed. You can also display and manage a to-do list, read or write comments, enter due dates for each other, create notes or even assign to-do items. All comments will be prominently displayed in one place. Additionally, you can opt to receive automatic notifications to remind you of upcoming tasks and deadlines.

Your client can send any document to the ETL office simply by clicking the “Send” button. The same straightforward process is used to send documents from the ETL office to your client.

This facilitates your daily routine, assists in your collaboration and, above all, gives both sides more time to focus on more important tasks!

Ease of use, anywhere, any time – that’s what Tax Advice 4.0 is all about!

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of digitalising your tax consultancy processes? We will be happy to support you – and thus your clients!