The digitised web-based document exchange with small trading partners

Current state

Your company also maintains business relationships with smaller trading partners with whom you exchange only a few data and documents. The corresponding processing effort is disproportionate, however, since these data are not available to you in structured form and must be entered by hand.
The problem is that small businesses usually do not have the infrastructure or the financial means to purchase EDI converters – or a bulky EDI system is simply out of scope for them.
Fortunately, there is an ideal solution to exchange EDI messages in such a scenario.

Web EDI, powered by compacer

Web EDI provides a quick and easy connection for the exchange of business documents. Our web portal brings trading partners that are not EDI-capable into your company’s EDI landscape.

Simplicity and ease of use:

Business documents are exchanged securely and easily via a web browser. All your trading partner needs is a PC with internet access. The Web EDI online portal lets you communicate with your trading partners, either via your own browser or by seamlessly connecting Web EDI to your classic EDI system (ERP, IMS, etc.) without any discontinuity in format going from paper to digital media.

Trading partner sends to company

The trading partner logs into the Web EDI portal via browser-based Internet access and enters his data, e.g., an invoice, manually using a simple form.
Before transmission, the system checks the data for completeness and converts it into the format required by your company (EDIFACT, iDOC etc.). The data then is made available to you in the same form as if it were coming through a regular EDI connection.

Trading partner receives from company

When you notify your trading partner by e-mail or other means about a new document, e.g., an order, the system will first store the data in your company’s standard format (EDIFACT, iDOC etc.) and then translate it into a human-readable format so your trading partner can read it on the Web EDI portal.
All process steps – from order and delivery note to invoice – can thus be generated, exchanged and visualised online within the Web EDI portal.

The design of compacer Web EDI follows the GS1 guidelines and supports all common formats and document types, for instance ORDERS, DESADV despatch advices, INVOIC invoices, etc. – as a company, it is up to you to determine which documents and contents are mandatory for your trading partners and which can be sent optionally.

Benefits of using Web EDI

The compacer Web EDI portal helps you avoid manual processing efforts and prevents the disruption of your digital business processes. The automatic exchange of all necessary business documents with your smaller trading partners accelerates the ordering and delivery process and completes your EDI landscape with a comprehensive EDI trading network.


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