Industry 4.0 for existing installations

The simple way to your smart factory

In many manufacturing companies, heterogeneous production environments have evolved over time and many production lines still operate with a low degree of automation. Companies that want to get serious with Industry 4.0 ought to integrate their existing machines and equipment into the digital world. The aim of a digital retrofit is the networking of legacy machinery in order to achieve the harmonisation and communication between all machines (M2M).

Make new from old – with a digital retrofit from compacer! Our data platform edbic collects, processes, analyses the data from existing machines, devices and sensors to integrate them into digital production.

Where only analog signals are available that need to be converted to become usable, this can be realised and poses no problem whatsoever. We achieve this in cooperation with partners from our ecosystem, such as the sensor technology experts from Balluff, or Fraunhofer IPT, whose vBox provides networking capabilities.

What does digital Retrofit mean?

Just a few easy steps to your own smart plant – with compacer

Reliable modernisation through a digital retrofit

Make your machines and plants IoT-ready:


First, we check the capabilities of your existing machines: Do they produce any signals at all? Can existing signals be used or do sensors have to be retrofitted? Is there already an integrated bus system that could make a retrofit unnecessary?


Even though we are not a classical consulting company, we will be glad to support you by contributing our expert knowledge to your project. If you require strategic advice beyond the technical implementation, we know the right partners for you.


Once the basis has been established, our data integration platform edbic comes into play: edbic initially functions as an IoT gateway (software) and collects data from the machine controller and sensors, merges them, processes them and analyses them in real time according to customisable rules. This provides you with condition monitoring and intelligent controlling capabilities across the entire production environment and all plants.


Through data analysis and the associated alert function, you will receive meaningful recommendations and calls for action according to previously set threshold values. Stored mathematical functions will evaluate the data in real time. Data can be processed, for example, via Fourier transformation, linear or functional aggregation or Gaussian distribution. Typical procedures are pattern matching and functional procedures. Read more about Predictive Maintenance.

Customer example:
our solution in use

Digitaler Retrofit



Planning order and delivery times and avoiding production downtimes with real-time analyses

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  • an opportunity to embed legacy machines into modern IT environments
  • lower investment costs than having to replace machines or entire plants
  • no costly investments for new foundations because existing, stable machine beds can be reused
  • reduced staff training costs as existing machines are already known
  • no new, and therefore lengthy, approval procedure
  • further time savings by partial renewal instead of full replacement
  • optimisation of warehousing costs

Gain additional advantages by integrating the compacer IoT solution for Condition Monitoring:

  • increase product quality through permanent monitoring
  • ensure a timely supply of spare parts
  • increase plant availability in a targeted way by reducing downtimes
  • increase efficiency through data-based vulnerability analyses

Customer advantages of a retrofit

The difference : stable complexity

A retrofit should not, if at all possible, interfere deeply with existing structures. This is why you should implement the digital retrofit with compacer. A major difference between our approach and that of many competitors is our stable complexity: it does not increase with the number of machines!
  • Intelligent efficiency: We do not modify each and every machine in your production environment
  • Intelligent communication: We let the machine speak its own “language” or enable it to communicate in the first place
  • Smart Smart platform: The harmonisation and networking of the machine takes place in our Business Integration Cluster edbic edbic
This not only makes us stand out, it also makes your digital project so much easier and much more agile!

Download our flyer "Digital Retrofit - Why with us?" and see how easy it is to implement complex projects with compacer.

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