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Today’s enterprises are forced to become ever more agile. That is why it is so important to automate business processes. Especially with respect to the automation of business processes, our years of experience show that deadlocks can arise out of internal resistance, while paper processes continue to hold back day-to-day operations. Many fear that their company will not be able to overcome these hurdles and therefore expect automation to be a major challenge. But it doesn’t have to be!


When it comes to digital invoice data exchange, you can quickly, easily and efficiently achieve successes with compacer’s e-invoicing solution – after a relatively short project duration of only 4 months! With e-invoicing, we can monitor the entire purchase-to-pay or order-to-cash process, both for the billers (suppliers) and for the recipients (customers), as both have different objectives.

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Companies benefit enormously from e-Invoicing solutions because a manual process contains sources of error, slows down payment processes and ultimately also results in the loss of previous payment bonuses. compacer is one of the top 10! The listing publishes the ten leading international companies offering solutions for the e-invoicing process.

Companies benefit enormously from e-Invoicing solutions because a manual process contains sources of error, slows down payment processes and ultimately also results in the loss of previous payment bonuses.

It is important to us to help our customers capitalize on the immense added value of an automated billing process.

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e-Invoicing with us - because it makes the difference!

By choosing the compacer e-invoicing solution, you benefit from our billing networks and the fact that we conduct international B2B / B2G transactions in more than 60 countries - including the clearance countries and post-audit countries. Our goal is to simplify our customers' processes, which we realize through Artificial Intelligence and automated data integration in their business systems.

In other words, the posting proposal and the automatic bookings are no longer a vision in your company!
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As soon as all relevant invoice data are transmitted digitally, errors that regularly arose out of the manual acceptance, entry and processing of data simply vanish from the scene. Error-prone and costly transmission and processing procedures are replaced by automated, safe and resource-saving electronic processes.


Thanks to automation, costs caused by media breaks, faulty (manual) transmission of information, time-consuming coordination and authorisation processes or slow and failure-prone processing procedures are significantly reduced. A consistent implementation will let you save up to EUR 10 per document in process costs, that is, in data collection, manual verification, handling, printing, postage and archival.


Each step within the process is now secure, traceable and verifiable, so that you can check the status of any given document at any time. For example, you can get notified when invoices are received or you can monitor delivery periods. This not only helps you to improve the communication with your business partners, but it provides all interested parties with actionable transparency.

From data interchange into the accounting department - all with compacer!

Often the e-invoicing process in companies is interrupted when the invoice is collected and printed by the bill-to party. Our market observations show that many digital solutions also end here. There is another way! We have established an automated workflow that recognizes invoice patterns and features using Artificial Intelligence and collects the data. In the next step, these can independently of suppliers be transferred directly into the existing business system (e.g. ERP system, accounting system, etc.) independently of the provider.
If you would like to know how easy the process from receipt of invoice to your accounting department can be, then watch the replay of our webinar "The e-invoice - from data exchange into accounting" (German), in which our experts give the answer.

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We advise you with respect to country-specific legal and tax requirements. We take care of your automated invoice exchange, including verification and partner dialogue. We certify processes and procedural documentation and handle periodical audits.


We have many years of experience in implementing standards and non-standards and collaborate with you on developing your e-invoicing business.


We provide GAAP-compliant and auditable long-term archiving within our own ISO/IEC 27001-certified secure high-performance data centre located in Germany.


We flexibly adapt to your business partners’ standard and non-standard requirements with your individual combination of service modules. You decide what is important and you can always start small and expand later on.  
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