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What is an IoT gateway?


The internet of things (IoT) presents companies with the challenge of integrating a multitude of machines, systems and devices as well as sensors and protocols. In many cases, extant and historically grown applications, so-called legacy technologies, are in use and have different connectivity and power requirements.

An IoT Gateway bridges and connects Operations with IT: the secure, reliable interoperability of networks and nodes, the connection of different data sources and destinations enables direct machine-to-machine communication (M2M)! The compacer IoT gateway software edbic edbic edbic is a platform independent, edge computing middleware that can be used on various gateway devices, so that you remain flexible regarding your hardware.

Realise IoT projects with compacer

edbic, our smart platform for data and process integration, supports the concepts of enterprise service architecture and event processing. edbic supports most connection protocols and combines arbitrary endpoints, data sources, applications, services, interfaces and workflows in such a way that a single, continuous process is created and orchestrated. The exact data used to gain insights and predict a wide range of situations depends on the individual use case.
That much is certain: You can connect almost any system, device or “thing” – from any manufacturer and any product version. The platform will be monitoring the status of machines, systems, devices and processes without interfering with the existing automation and infrastructure.

In concrete terms, this means: compacer’s IoT Gateway software based on the edbic platform reads production data and key figures directly from the machine controller and all connected sensors and stores them. You can use real-time analyses and condition monitoring to visualise the condition and performance of machines and systems on the dashboard, for example. These data are also available to the entire networked environment at all times.

The compacer IIoT Hub prepares the data in such a way that a variety of evaluations allow for the monitoring and intelligent controlling of the entire production environment and across all plants. This provides the basis for further steps towards predictive maintenance.

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Our solution in actual use


Digital Transformation at Antwerp Euroterminal NV

Business and IoT integration at Belgium's largest port

Various digitalisation projects network everything and make it possible to acquire and evaluate all data. The result: more security, better planning and increased process transparency.

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Advantages of the compacer IoT Gateway

Regardless of the existing structure and automation, the goal of our software is to make “things” IoT-capable right from the start. To collect and aggregate controller, device, machine and sensor data and forward them to higher-level IT systems or specific company systems for analysis.

With compacer, you will integrate not only horizontally but also vertically!


Edge computing processes the data where it is generated – directly at the network periphery. This has the advantage that you can react directly at the data source, even during the creation process. This also allows for immediate data processing in real time.


All required data are collected, recorded, aggregated and evaluated. edpem will visualise them so that you can carry out analyses, filter data and implement optimisations quickly. The alert function helps to detect anomalies and irregularities early on and even sends you predictive analyses.


Our open software architecture gives you independence and peace of mind for the future. compacer’s software solutions can be flexibly adjusted to your individual requirements and extended at any time.


The accruing data are continuously processed and stored in the cache. They can be read out and used at any time. This increases the processing time during operation..


By collecting machine, device, process and sensor data, they can be transferred to a higher-level IT system, such as a MES, ERP, accounting or purchasing systems, as well as to monitoring systems and cloud applications. In this way, you get a global view on your data, at any time and from anywhere, and can thus optimise your processes across the entire company. We bring IoT ready to the next level!


Industry 4.0 is made easy by compacer software, the IoT gateway and the IoT hub. Integration happens even without interfering with the current environment or controls. Network your machines and systems in an efficient and safe way! The networking of existing plants can also be achieved by a digital Retrofit.

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