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Transform your data into a competitive advantage with our scalable software products! With our tool-supported migration, we ensure smooth processes in the area of electronic data interchange (EDI) and B2B transactions.

We are your experts for data strategy and management

Successful companies navigate the complex world of digitalisation with the help of well thought-out data strategies. With our data migration tools, your data management becomes a breeze.

compacer provides you with the right tools for the holistic handling of your data – from data analytics and data security to data infrastructure. Utilise our software, for instance, as a smart B2B gateway solution and for tool-supported migration of your data.

Place your trust in compacer as your strong digitalisation partner. Together, we will develop a future-proof data strategy, guide your team through the transformation, train your employees, and promote a data-driven corporate culture for the digital world.

Read our use cases to find out how compacer can efficiently support you with your data strategy and data management.


Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Our edbic software enables fast and accurate electronic data exchange that far surpasses manual inputs.
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B2B gateway

Optimise your business communication and ensure seamless B2B transactions via a clear interface.
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Tool-supported migration

Minimise risks and ensure smooth data migration from various sources with compacer edbic.
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Interface management

Ensure effective, scalable, and secure data flows between your systems thanks to our holistic interface management.
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B2B gateway optimises e-business system in the advertising media industry

Read this use case to discover how a major customer from the advertising media industry was able to create consistent standards for connecting web shops with the help of the compacer B2B gateway, enabling it to significantly cut costs.

Compacer x Data strategy and management


Your data strategy

As your digitalisation partner, we work with you to develop a holistic and future-proof data strategy for your company.

Digital communication

The business communication channel is integrated and optimised with specialised EDI and B2B gateway solutions.

Seamless data migration

Tool-supported migration ensures a smooth transition during data migration.

Comprehensive data and system protection

Thanks to advanced security technologies and strategies as well as effective interface management, data flows and data are secure with compacer.

Supporting cultural transformation

We promote a data-driven corporate culture, guide teams through change, and offer continuous optimisation and support.

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