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Digital retrofit at a manufacturer in the field of electrical installation technology and SCHUKO® sockets

Our customer, a German market leader in the field of electrical installation technology and global market leader in the field of SCHUKO® sockets, uses edbic as a data platform to make its machines IoT-ready with a digital retrofit. This reduces downtime and significantly increases operational productivity.
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Smart thanks to IoT connection: Digital retrofit of an analog machine

The digital retrofit using the edbic data platform makes old systems IoT-capable, enables permanent monitoring of machine statuses and sends early warnings in the event of anomalies. This reduces inventory costs for the company and creates better machine transparency.

Connection of old systems+

The digital retrofit made old systems IoT-capable so that M2M communication is possible.

Reduction in warehousing costs+

Expensive spare parts only need to be ordered when they show signs of wear and tear and there is a risk of failure.

Machine transparency+

Continuous monitoring of structure-borne noise, vibration, load monitoring / torque and flow measurement.

The challenge

Our customer has an individually analog 30t punching and bending machine in use, which must not be interfered with in the control process. Small hairline cracks in the large drive wheel can lead to a machine failure, resulting in a production stop. Due to the high storage costs, the spare part is not kept in stock. It can take up to three weeks to order and deliver the new part. In order to avoid a machine breakdown, it should be digitally connected to the current production environment and in future the condition of the gearwheel should be analyzed by means of condition monitoring and a breakage better predicted. Our customer's goal was therefore to make the machine IoT-ready with a digital retrofit in order to reduce machine downtimes and increase machine utilization times.

The solution

Digital activation of the existing system was unavoidable, which is why sensors were initially installed by the customer to detect the gear breakage. The vBox from Fraunhofer IPT processes the sensor signals and sends the data to the compacer data platform edbic. Among other things, structure-borne noise, vibration, temperature, torque and current are measured. Increased current consumption, which can be a sign of excessive load due to friction and a lack of lubricant, is detected. However, the collected and evaluated data also reveals smaller cracks. The frequency spectrum and other values are recorded, compared and examined for outliers in real time. If an outlier, such as a crack, is detected, an alarm is generated and employees are informed. They can take action if necessary and production downtime can be avoided.

Our customer

a German market leader in the field of electrical installation technology and global market leader in SCHUKO® sockets, produces at two locations in Germany and exports to more than 60 countries. In order to further expand its brand leadership and establish innovations in the smart home sector, the company is taking on new digital challenges.

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