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Automated customs clearance at the Cuxport port terminal

Thanks to intelligent data mapping and the edbic integration solution from compacer, Cuxport can handle all goods processes with a high degree of automation faster, more precisely and in accordance with the applicable customs requirements.
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Rhenus Cuxport

Cuxport overcomes Brexit challenge with edbic

Due to Brexit, the Cuxport seaport terminal suddenly had to introduce customs procedures for 80% of its freight. A solution was provided by compacer's data integration solution edbic, which, in combination with sophisticated mapping methods, standardizes, automates and digitizes processes. By using edbic, reliable and correct customs clearance is possible regardless of the quantity of goods.


By merging heterogeneous data using edbic, manual processes can be completely replaced.


Any number of customs processes can be handled thanks to central data collection.

Risk minimization+

Thanks to transparent customs processing and secure data exchange, the risk of incorrect delivery of a shipment that has not been cleared by customs is reduced.

The challenge

The Cuxport seaport terminal has been serving the majority of EU countries with goods since it opened in 1997 - with customs processes hardly playing a role until 2021. With the UK's withdrawal from the European Customs Union, customs processes will be required for 80 percent of Cuxport's freight. Brexit has therefore turned Cuxport's processes upside down from one day to the next. Whereas customs processes could previously be carried out manually, this was suddenly no longer possible.

The solution

The solution was to standardize, automate and digitize the processes. This involved consolidating up to five different systems and their data. With the edbic data hub, which ensures reliable data exchange (EDI), all data can be recorded, merged and transferred to the customs software. This enables customs clearance to be carried out reliably and correctly - regardless of the quantity of goods to be cleared through customs.


The introduction of edbic makes it possible for the first time to centrally consolidate all data relevant to the customs process and reliably exchange it with the ATLAS customs system via Dakosy in a consistent and traceable process. The process can be implemented regardless of the number of pending customs procedures. All steps are traceable and the shipping company can also be provided with real-time data about its freight.

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"For us, the automation of the customs process with edbic was an incredibly important development that has kept us operational. It wouldn't have worked manually. It was extremely important that we were able to solve this problem. The colleagues from HPC and compacer did a great job together with our team."

Hans-Peter Zint

Managing Director Cuxport GmbH
"The entire project was under extreme time pressure and the more intensively we got involved, the more special cases arose. But by working closely with compacer, we were able to map these too and successfully integrate them into the digital process."

Dominic Küchler

Head of IT Cuxport GmbH

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Find the full interview as well as our PDF with the complete success story of Cuxport and edbic.
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