edpem – Process Event Monitoring

edpem ‒ Make process monitoring a breeze

With compacer edpem, you can keep all your business processes constantly up to date and react promptly when needed. Make your company more agile and efficient with edpem!

What is edpem?

edpem is our modern end-to-end monitoring software that can be used across various different companies. Whether it's logistics, procurement, customer service, or supply chain management ‒ with edpem, you always have a clear overview of all your business processes. With edpem, operational risks can be monitored so intensively that you can intervene and correct them immediately if necessary ‒ an invaluable benefit that reduces costs and enhances your competitiveness.


Data integration and monitoring from a single source

edpem unleashes its full potential as a monitoring tool together with our data integration software edbic. We are happy to handle the setup and maintenance of both programmes for you and host edpem and edbic on our own servers if you don't have the capabilities to do so in-house. As a company within the eurodata-Group, we utilise eurodata's high-performance data centre in Saarbrücken, certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 standards.

What can edpem do? Practical use cases

At airports, edpem ensures better ground handling through efficient monitoring of all processes. It monitors SLAs and shortens processing times, allowing people, machinery, and goods to reach their destinations more quickly. In logistics companies and online shops, edpem is a useful tool for monitoring supply chains and detecting potential vulnerabilities.


Efficient end-to-end monitoring

edpem simplifies communication between all company departments by converting technical data (logs, syntax photographs, etc.) into functional monitoring. Your suppliers and customers also reap the benefits of edpem as end-to-end monitoring software that can be integrated into the overall process to ensure all-round transparency.

5 benefits of edpem for your business


Continuous monitoring

With edpem, you always have everything in view thanks to continuous monitoring and the ability to track any business objects. The software provides transparency across the entire process chain with dedicated views and information, allowing you to analyse processes based on collected data.

Risk management

edpem's intensive monitoring of operational risks makes you able to act faster and enables industry-neutral adaptation to different business environments to effectively manage specific risks.

Flexibility and scalability

edpem is not only easy to implement; it is also flexible in terms of scalability, accommodating changes in your company's requirements. In addition, it is platform-independent and web-based, ensuring availability everywhere and providing numerous deployment options.



The perfect synergy and seamless integration of edpem and edbic allow for the transfer of technical monitoring information (logs, syntax formats, etc.) and business process data into functional monitoring. Simple implementation and role-based configuration ensure that each user sees exactly the data they need.
Kommunikation und End-to-End-Monitoring

Communication and end-to-end monitoring

edpem not only facilitates communication between the individual business units; it also offers holistic monitoring. The solution covers the entire cycle, from collecting data and providing data to process improvement, enabling continuous monitoring of your operations.
edpem x Digital transformation
edpem lays the foundation for the digital monitoring and managing of all business processes and thereby drives the digital transformation of your company forward. Discover how to make your company ready for the digital world with edpem!
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edpem x Data strategy and management
edpem is your powerful tool for data strategy and management. It collects data, prepares it for various business areas, helping to optimise your cross-company process monitoring and control.
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edpem x Digital retrofit
Want to make your heterogeneous production environment ready for Industry 4.0? This works best with edbic as a data platform in combination with edpem ‒ this way, machine communication can be continuously monitored using digital connectivity.
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edpem x Process automation
Whether process automation is just getting started in your company or running at full throttle, edpem allows you to effectively monitor and optimise the performance KPIs of all automated processes!
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Would you like to learn more about compacer edpem? Our 4-page data sheet contains all the essential information about our cross-industry, end-to-end monitoring solution.

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