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Optimal electronic data interchange (EDI) in electronics wholesale

Compacer was commissioned to develop a B2B industry platform with EDI and e-invoicing to enable Europe-wide business processes and shared database access for all shareholders. The electronic data exchange facilitates communication between the individual business partners and makes purchasing and sales processes more transparent, among other things.
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Development and operation of a fully integrated B2B industry platform

With its industry platform, Compacer not only offered a modern EDI component for retailers, but also created an integrated supplier onboarding portal and an e-invoicing platform for its customers.


Purchasing and sales processes were digitalized.

Master data distribution+

A virtual warehouse was established to ensure delivery availability.


Supply chain visibility monitoring for better transparency and more than 200 business processes across all process systems and concepts involved have been fully integrated.

The challenge

Due to a lack of transparency in communication, there are always gaps in the transfer of know-how between the active shareholders. A standardized communication structure between customers and business partners must therefore be established. Among other things, this should also contain information on delivery information and ensure greater transparency within the business processes. One challenge, for example, was the lack of visibility of goods availability, which needed to be resolved.

The solution

In addition to establishing central IT services, the aim was to create a modern communication concept for Europe-wide business processes using EDI so that all shareholders in Europe can access all data in a shared database. compacer was commissioned to develop, set up and operate a fully integrated B2B industry platform for the group of companies. In addition to the EDI component with integrated supplier onboarding portal, this was also to cover the topic of e-invoicing. An e-invoicing platform was to be established that implements e-billing, signed PDF, e-mail distribution and ZUGFeRD in practice.

Our customer

is a market community in electrical wholesale and a group of companies that operates internationally in 26 countries. More than 230 independently cooperating electrical wholesalers now belong to the association. Almost every shareholder is an independent family business.

The aim is to strengthen the future of wholesalers. That is why the company's focus is also on cooperation with the individual manufacturers. This is also the reason why a central e-commerce platform had to be set up and expanded.

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"The great advantage of compacer is that we are able to provide comprehensive technological expertise and industry experience and shorten project lead times enormously. We have a ready-made solution portfolio that is modular and can be adapted to the respective national companies."

Matthias Henn

COO, compacer GmbH

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