compacer digitalisation consulting – your guide to a digital future

Discover how compacer can help you master the most complex integrations through secure applications, process automation, and agile innovation. Our experts will help you unleash the full potential of your application infrastructure.


Tailor-made advice for your digitalisation

Our consultants are experts in working with you to plan and implement your digitalisation project. From modernisation and migration planning to the development of new use cases for edbic and edpem – we are by your side every step of the way to optimise your application infrastructure.


More than just software – a holistic solution

At compacer, we see software as a tool that helps you to operate digitally. Our consulting services range from answering initial questions to comprehensive support with mappings, configuration, data migration, process management, and more – customised to the specific requirements of your business.


Expertise that drives you forward

Many companies do not have the necessary resources to manage IT projects effectively. Our experienced consultants bridge this gap by not only advising you, but also supporting you in implementing your requirements. Benefit from our long-standing experience in data integration and process automation.

Strategic planning for your digitalisation

We help you to develop and implement your digitalisation strategy, from the initial idea to final implementation.

Seamless implementation and integration

Our experts support you with implementing edbic and edpem and ensure seamless integration into your existing IT landscape.

Long-term support and optimisation

We not only offer project-related support; we also stand by your side as a long-term partner to make continuous improvements and adjustments.


FAQs about our digitalisation consultating

  • What does compacer's digitalisation consulting service include?
    Our consulting services cover the entire spectrum, from planning and strategy development to implementation and long-term optimisation of your digital processes.
  • Can compacer help with data migration?
    Yes, we can support you with data migration to ensure a smooth transition to new systems.
  • Does compacer also offer support after implementation?
    Absolutely! Our goal is to build a long-term partnership where we offer continuous support and optimisation of your systems.
  • How personalised are compacer's consulting services?
    Our consulting services are customised to the needs and requirements of your company.
  • Is it possible to start an initial consulting project with compacer?
    Yes, we recommend an initial project to test our consulting expertise and lay the foundations for a successful collaboration.

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