PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) is an invoicing network established by the European Commission in 2008. PEPPOL provides a secure way to exchange electronic invoices in various predefined formats with public authorities and with all connected companies throughout Europe.
Invoice issuers have been, and will be, increasingly obliged to send invoices to suppliers, public institutions, authorities and agencies in electronic form. Likewise, the corporate world is increasingly requesting electronic invoices via PEPPOL to increase data security and traceability. The network guarantees that invoice issuers and recipients are automatically identified by their unique PEPPOL ID, that all invoices are formally correct and that ghost invoices and typing errors are now impossible. Once connected to this verified community, any company can exchange electronic documents and messages with any public sector client quickly, cost-effectively, reliably and securely.
While the PEPPOL standard started in the EU, it is now used in 28 member states as well as in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA. PEPPOL authorities exist in 13 countries, making it a standard that transcends Europe.

How can my company join the PEPPOL network?

In order to send or receive electronic invoices via PEPPOL, your company needs a certified Peppol Access Point to which it can subscribe via licensed service providers. compacer is such a certified PEPPOL Access Point (AP). This enables compacer’s clients to exchange PEPPOL-compliant purchase orders, invoices, etc. with public institutions and private companies across the globe. The well-established compacer network facilitates your onboarding and provides you with a quick start. Your advantage: the network follows a “connect one, connect to all” philosophy, which means that all PEPPOL participants can reach and communicate with each other no matter which Access Point they are connected to.

Benefit from PEPPOL

Ensure seamless invoicing processes by joining PEPPOL

Speed & Efficiency

Your transactions are processed electronically, with minimal manual effort, quickly and efficiently. Less administrative processing and more time for business-critical operations.

Error prevention & cost transparency

No more manual processing as data are sourced directly from applications: no typing errors, no need for printing invoices, just full cost transparency!


The number of invoicing formats and types is greatly reduced. Benefit from one universal standard – also for your international partners.

Security & fraud prevention

Companies are electronically identifiable at all times, which means that all associated purchase orders, delivery and invoices can be easily allocated, reducing the risk of fraud.
Today, most companies still send paper invoices by mail or PDF files by email. This requires a manual effort to re-enter data from incoming invoices into the accounting system. e-invoicing with PEPPOL provides a secure solution that automates the data transfer between the seller’s and buyer’s systems without any human intervention.

Advantages for providers/suppliers:
• Send invoices to your customers in their preferred format and fitting their connectivity interfaces
• Convert your invoice information into the PEPPOL format
• Issue invoices to your customers via the secure PEPPOL network

Advantages for purchasers:
• Receive your invoices via the secure PEPPOL network
• Convert incoming invoices into your preferred format
• Forward the converted invoices to your accounting system via agreed connectivity interfaces


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Why connect to PEPPOL through compacer?

In addition to the general advantages of PEPPOL mentioned above, you will benefit from compacer’s many years of integration expertise and e-invoicing know-how. We support companies in getting started with PEPPOL, regardless of their size. We can also connect your suppliers and/or customers to create your own digital ecosystem.

AS4-compliant Access Point

• compacer provides the conversion service into PEPPOL-compliant formats and takes care of all transfer protocols

• no time-consuming coordination work during the set-up and testing phases, as all processes and formats are already specified

• optional rule-based end-to-end message monitoring and non-event processing in near real-time

• operation at our own, ISO/IEC 27001-certified High-Performance Data Centre located in Germany

optional APIs for Access Point Connect: seamless connection of your ERP system to the Access Point

optional integration into our compacer e-Invoicing Platform: this fully integrates PEPPOL into a global invoicing context (incoming and outgoing invoices) with e-procurement platforms and enterprise processes, such as Purchase2Pay and/or Order2Cash

• upon request, we offer additional services such as archiving, digital signing and end-to-end monitoring of the compacer e-invoicing process

Selfservice for 2021

For this year we are preparing a platform where you can use PEPPOL for your business in 3 easy steps.

You want to integrate PEPPOL?

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