The compacer B2B gateway: data integration and technological modernisation of legacy systems

Digital transformation in the B2B sector poses new challenges for companies across all industries. With a B2B gateway from compacer, you can modernise your EDI data exchange, digitalise invoicing systems, and simplify the connection of partners.

Use our gateway to expand your existing infrastructure and adapt it to new complexities so that you remain competitive in the digital future.

Overcome digital challenges in the B2B sector

In the face of rapid technological change, companies across all industries are confronted with the task of expanding their existing infrastructure and adapting it to new digital requirements.

In a globally connected business world, compacer's B2B gateway offers a robust, scalable, and secure platform that simplifies and optimises B2B integration.

With compacer, the topics of data integration, process automation, ERP connection, data security, and compliance are not challenges for your company, but rather opportunities to assert yourself on the digital market. We modernise your legacy systems and make you ready for the digital future.

Utilise our fully automated B2B solutions to automate business processes, optimise e-invoicing and EDI data exchange, and save your company both time and money.

Effortlessly connect your company with business partners through our B2B gateway and embrace digitalisation.

Major advertising media provider uses compacer edbic as a B2B gateway

The implementation of edbic as a B2B gateway optimised the e-business system of a well-known advertising media provider. Moving away from poorly formatted manual data, it transitioned to an automated system for importing and synchronising item master data. Retailers and suppliers are now directly connected to the customer's online shop via the new B2B gateway.


Flexible B2B integration

Adaptation to various EDI standards and protocols to meet the requirements of different business partners.

Security and compliance

Guarantee the security of sensitive business data and compliance with regulatory and industry-specific requirements.

Optimisation of business processes

Boost efficiency by automating, monitoring, and managing B2B transactions and processes.


Our B2B solution scales alongside the growth and development of your organisation to meet future business needs.

Direct ERP connection

Integrate your ERP system directly with our B2B gateway to enjoy seamless data flows.

Continuous monitoring

Maintain an overview of your B2B processes with a centralised dashboard and react to changes proactively.

Our software products

Our innovative data integration and process automation software enables the digital transformation of your company in the B2B sector.


edbic ‒ Business integration cluster

compacer edbic is the smart data hub for all your data and process integration tasks. With edbic, you can synchronise and standardise various data formats, whether locally, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

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edpem ‒ Process event monitoring

compacer edpem enables you to continuously monitor and control all business processes across your organisation. This allows you to precisely control operational risks and correct them immediately if required.

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