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Global financial services provider uses e-invoicing solution from compacer

By using the e-invoicing process platform, the customer's entire invoice exchange is automated: Incoming invoices are archived in the customer's own ERP system and outgoing invoices, including legally compliant signatures, are made possible via an interface for all international invoices.

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Compacer enables centralized invoice output including country-specific compliance requirements

Our e-invoicing solution closes the compliance gap for international outgoing invoices and reduces process and operating costs. The automated process steps are monitored with compacer edpem.

Cost reduction+

Automation significantly reduces costs caused by media disruptions, incorrect (manual) information transfer, lengthy coordination processes and error-prone, often slow processing procedures and frees up internal resources.


The compacer service enables compliance with contractual agreements and legal country-specific requirements for international invoicing.

Cash flow+

The integration of individual IT systems results in cross-company networking so that events can be monitored and data visualized in reports. This makes invoice processing more efficient.

The challenge

The internationally oriented company was struggling in two areas:
Firstly, more than 4 million outgoing invoices per year had to be sent to a wide variety of EU countries in accordance with country-specific requirements. The different legal regulations in each country and the constantly growing legal requirements made the process of electronic invoicing correspondingly complex.

On the other hand, there was no transparency in the outgoing invoice process or integration into internal IT systems. The associated manual processing not only placed a heavy burden on the specialist and IT departments, but also tied up resources from the national companies.

In order to close the resulting compliance gap and enable invoice tracking, invoice processing was to be automated and controlled via a central outgoing interface.

The solution

With our compacer e-invoicing process platform, we were able to solve both problems at the same time:
By digitizing the entire invoicing process, not only are incoming invoices recorded and archived in the customer's own ERP system, but the entire invoice exchange is also automated. This now enables centralized outgoing invoices including legally compliant signatures via an interface for all international invoices.
The next step is to adapt the invoices to the respective country of origin and its local conditions using the country-specific invoice transmission frameworks provided by compacer (SDI/Fattura PA, PEPPOL, Facturae, eSPAP, etc.).

Thanks to this solution, invoices can now be tracked using a wide variety of check routines and a digitized partner dialog, and the process can be made transparent thanks to monitoring with edpem. It was not necessary to adapt the respective ERP systems of the European subsidiaries. Thanks to cyclical checks and the connection to various networks, such as PEPPOL or Fattura PA, our compacer service also ensures that changing regulations on signatures, verification, archiving, clearance rules and post-audit are implemented in the system and complied with by the customer when invoicing.

Our customer

is a global financial services provider headquartered in Germany. It is active in the leasing of office communication products and has subsidiaries throughout Europe.

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