Apprenticeship & dual study programme at compacer

Are you interested in IT and want to gain practical experience? Do an internship, an apprenticeship, or dual study program at compacer!

Your opportunities at compacer

With your school-leaving certificate in your pocket, are you ready to hit the ground running? We offer various training opportunities in the field of IT and systems management or the opportunity to complete a dual IT degree. Still not sure? You can also get an idea of what it's like to work with us by doing an internship.

Apprenticeship in the field of IT or IT systems management

During the three-year apprenticeship as an IT systems management assistant or as a specialist in application development and system integration, you will attend the Academy for Data Processing or the Stuttgart while simultaneously gaining practical experience with us. The ADV and the provide an excellent alternative to university studies and offer great future prospects in the fields of media, business, and technology.

Dual study programme in computer science (DHBW)

The Bachelor's degree programme in Computer Science at DHBW Horb takes three years and, in addition to a university degree and basic knowledge in the fields of software and web engineering, databases, operating systems, etc., also offers you valuable on-the-job experience that you can gain during the practical phases with us. As a graduate computer scientist, the labour market of the future is wide open to you.

What our employees say about working at compacer

“We are a bunch of great minds offering software and customer solutions!”

Evangelos Maroulis Technical & Support Manager E-Business Infrastructure, compacer
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Our FAQs about training and studying

FAQs - Apprenticeship
Here you will find FAQs on the subject of apprenticeships.
  • How does an apprenticeship at compacer work?
    During your apprenticeship, you will spend the first year at your vocational school/vocational college. In the second year of the apprenticeship, you will spend your time learning at our company.
  • Is the apprenticeship remunerated?
    Yes, we adhere to the recommended amount set by the ADV.
  • How long does the apprenticeship last?
    The training occupations of IT systems management assistant and IT specialist are 3-year recognised apprenticeships in industry and commerce.
  • What are the holiday arrangements?
    As an apprentice, you will be entitled to 30 days' holiday per year.
  • At which vocational school does the apprenticeship take place?
    Training to become an IT specialist takes place at the Gottlieb Daimler School with Academy for Data Processing in Sindelfingen. Those specialising in IT systems management learn at the Stuttgart.
  • When does the apprenticeship start?
    The apprenticeship starts in September 2024.
FAQs - Dual study programme
Here you will find FAQs about the dual study programme.
  • Is a dual study programme particularly difficult?

    As a dual study programme combines work and study, it is somewhat more demanding ‒ but it is also really varied thanks to the practical element!

  • At which university does the programme take place?
    You will study for a Bachelor's degree at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University at the Horb campus in Stuttgart.
  • Is the dual study programme at Compacer remunerated?
    Yes, the study programme is remunerated.
  • What are the holiday arrangements?
    As a dual student, you will be entitled to 30 days' holiday per year.
  • How do I apply for a dual study programme at compacer?
    Simply send your application directly to compacer using our application form. We will also take care of your place at the university.
FAQs - Other questions
Do you have further questions? Perhaps we have the right answer for you here.
  • Can I also do an internship at compacer?
    In principle, you can do an internship with us to see whether an apprenticeship or dual study programme is right for you. We also offer work placements for school pupils.
  • Is it possible to work as a student trainee at compacer?
    We are always happy to receive support from working students. However, the weekly working hours for working students are strictly prescribed. It may not exceed 20 hours per week. However, there are exceptions to this rule under certain circumstances: for example, students may work up to 40 hours per week during lecture-free periods.
Olli-Pekka Pauna

Interested in an apprenticeship or dual study programme at compacer? We look forward to hearing from you!

My name is Stephanie Giordano. Together with my colleagues Martin Hofmann (contact person for apprenticeships) and Manuel Bitzer (contact person for the dual study programme), I am your contact person for all matters relating to careers at compacer.

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