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compacer reference projects

On this page you will get to know compacer's products and services in practice, based on real customer projects in the areas of digital transformation, data strategy and management, digital retrofit, and process automation.
Digitale Transformation bei Antwerp Euroterminal
Digital transformation at Antwerp Euroterminal
By using the compacer edbic platform as a B2B/IoT gateway, the IT strategy of the Antwerp Euroterminal was implemented efficiently and quickly. The digitalization of the previously manual processes now ensures faster data processing, more transparency and saves time and costs for the terminal and its trading partners.
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Blickle relies on condition monitoring with edbic
Tire and castor manufacturer Blickle uses the edbic platform for smart real-time monitoring and thus has an overview of all machine data and production processes at all times. In future, the company would also like to use the system to compare machine data for predictive maintenance.
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EDI services for a logistics group
Thanks to automated tool-supported migration, replacing legacy systems that are no longer maintained is child's play with edbic as a data integration platform. The switch to a new, modern system environment saves the logistics group resources and significantly increases its IT efficiency.
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Digital invoicing processes for DIY store operators
Thanks to the compacer e-invoicing platform, all manual invoice processing has been completely automated. AI and data capturing are used to recognize and process the invoice data, which can be easily archived by integrating the in-house SAP system and monitored via edpem as a monitoring solution.
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Pharmaceutical company uses edpem to track goods
edpem's real-time monitoring tool provides a comprehensive overview of the pharmaceutical company's delivery process. The consistent tracking of goods from the service provider to the customer saves time and resources and improves the company's service quality.
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Automation reduces migration effort by 70%
An automated migration with more than 600 mappings from TradeXpress to edbic took place. Partner connections were automatically transferred and platform functions such as certificate management, automated certificate management and a black listing function were implemented.
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B2B gateway for a large advertising media provider
By using edbic as a B2B gateway, the e-business system of a well-known advertising material provider was optimized. Away from poorly prepared manual data to an automated system for importing and synchronizing article master data. Retailers and suppliers were connected directly to the customer's online store via the new B2B gateway and all article master data was synchronized.
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Networking and B2B integration in a Ukrainian port
The integration of the terminal communication system into the compacer edbic platform as an e-business integration solution improves the data quality and communication of port operations thanks to efficient interface management. The new system saves costs and ensures transparent operating processes
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European airport relies on edpem
The implementation of the process event monitoring tool edpem has improved process monitoring in passenger and freight traffic at the airport, resulting in shorter handling times for aircraft and a reduction in disruptions to flight operations.
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Digital retrofit at leading manufacturer in the field of electrical installation technology and SCHUKO® sockets
Our customer, a German market leader in the field of electrical installation technology and world market leader in the field of SCHUKO® sockets, uses edbic as a data platform to make its machines IoT-ready with a digital retrofit. This reduces downtime and significantly increases operational productivity.
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edbic as an IoT gateway at Burkhardt & Weber
BURKHARDT+WEBER is planning to integrate edbic as an IoT gateway in its machining centers in the long term. As an Industry 4.0 platform, edbic collects data from the machine control system and monitors it in real time. This significantly reduces maintenance costs and enables predictive maintenance in the next step.
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Data exchange (EDI) in electronics wholesale
Compacer was commissioned to develop a B2B industry platform with EDI and e-invoicing to enable Europe-wide business processes and shared database access for all shareholders. The electronic data exchange facilitates communication between the individual business partners and makes purchasing and sales processes more transparent, among other things.
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Handling customs processes with edbic in the Cuxport port terminal
Thanks to intelligent data mapping and the edbic integration solution from compacer, Cuxport can handle all goods processes with a high degree of automation faster, more precisely and in accordance with the applicable customs requirements.
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Smart e-invoicing for IT and consumer electronics
The requirement to automatically connect new retailers and suppliers to the system digitally was implemented using an EDI solution from compacer. In addition, paper invoices were replaced by a new e-invoicing system, which means lower costs and less work for retailers.
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Financial services provider uses e-invoicing solution from compacer
By using the e-invoicing process platform, the customer's entire invoice exchange is automated: Incoming invoices are archived in the customer's own ERP system and outgoing invoices, including legally compliant signatures, are made possible via an interface for all international invoices.
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