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Family business Blickle relies on condition monitoring with edbic

Tire and castor manufacturer Blickle uses the edbic platform for smart real-time monitoring and thus has an overview of all machine data and production processes at all times. In future, the company would also like to use the system to compare machine data for predictive maintenance.
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Real-time monitoring system with modular design: flexible and adaptive

As a modular system, edbic can be easily adapted and further developed at any time. The platform can be used not only for condition monitoring but also as an IoT gateway. The high degree of automation optimizes the maintenance effort of the machines and leads to fewer manual errors.

Error reduction+

The existing transparency made it possible to access the data and avoid the risk of manual errors.

Live data+

The available data allows real-time analysis and thus provides a good overview of the condition of the machines.


Thanks to its modular structure, the tool can not only be flexibly adapted, but can also be further developed and adapted independently.

The challenge

Blickle wheels and castors have always impressed with their quality. In order to consistently develop this further with the possibilities of modern technology, production is to be converted to Industry 4.0. However, the three-shift operation in production is to be interrupted as little as possible by this planned change and the company wants to be able to remain open and flexible when it comes to digitalization in the future.

The solution

Blickle IT is therefore developing a concept that enables a sustainable and gradual transformation. The strategy is based on edbic, which makes condition monitoring possible. This system acts as a central data hub and ensures that machine data is automatically read out and transferred to the ERP system, creating full transparency within production.


The introduction of edbic means that, for the first time, machine data does not arrive in IT incomplete and with a time delay. Instead, the data is analyzed directly and enables an immediate response to problems. The data from the automatic punching presses is monitored and results on output, missing parts and quantities, among other things, are determined. edbic thus makes the Excel lists that were frequently used in the past largely superfluous. Problems are also easily identified and rectified in polyurethane production, which helps to maintain the high product quality of Blickle castors and wheels. But edbic is now also being used outside of production. For example, the connection to the payment provider in the web store has been solved and a communication link to SAP has been created.

In the future, the system is to be further refined by using the comparison of machine data for predictive maintenance. Blickle is also considering using the compacer IoT gateway to raise communication between the machines and with the ERP system to an even higher level of automation.

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"With edbic, we have not only introduced a modern condition monitoring system that allows us to make the best possible use of our machine data. We have also created the basis for predictive maintenance and other digitalization projects."

Christian Bertels

Head of IT Cross Applications at Blickle
"Since we have been using compacer, it has become much easier to integrate new machines into production. As soon as the machines are integrated into our condition monitoring, they are also automatically connected to all other systems - including SAP."

Christian Bertels

Head of IT Cross Applications at Blickle

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