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25 years of expertise in data integration and process automation

compacer is your reliable partner on your journey towards digital transformation.
With over 200 employees worldwide and well-known customers such as DHL, Deutsche Telekom, and Europcar, we develop software products “made in Germany” for large corporations and SMEs.

We are compacer

compacer is an internationally active software company with branches in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, and France.

As part of the eurodata Group and as an experienced IT service provider, we have been supporting large corporations and SMEs on their journey towards digital transformation for over 25 years.

We provide comprehensive advice on the topics of digitalisation, data integration, and process automation, and develop and implement suitable software products “made in Germany” for our customers.

"Whether in the B2B or IoT sector, the integration of data and the connectivity of business partners, systems, and devices is the most significant step in creating intelligent business processes.
At compacer, data sovereignty always remains with the customer, which makes us a trustworthy partner. We endeavour to work with all parties involved on an equal footing to achieve our project goals.”

Lumir Boureanu CEO, compacer
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Our vision

Our vision is to be a digital pioneer and empower our customers to fully harness the potential of new technologies. Innovation shapes our actions. Terms like digitalisation, data integration, and process automation are part and parcel of our everyday lives, not just buzzwords.
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Our mission

We are focused on creating smart, value-added applications for our customers through innovation and technical expertise. With flexibility and experience, we assist you in operating more agilely and efficiently, ensuring the security and future viability of your digitalisation projects.

Get to know the compacer management team

What we have in common is our enthusiasm for innovative technologies and the drive to make you and ourselves even better. Let’s have a conversation.

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Lumir Boureanu

CEO Contact us now
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Olli-Pekka Pauna

CEO Finland Contact us now
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Mikko Koskinen

Head of Projects, Senior Consultant Contact us now
Bringing trends and new technologies to life
We see ourselves as an IT service provider with our own products and solutions “made in Germany”. This aspect, combined with our long-standing expertise, guarantees the successful implementation of your project on a national and international scale. This is because we bring the know-how and a solution for your specific cases that are customised and not one-size-fits-all. This is what makes us so exceptional!
As we continually evolve our portfolio and gain expertise through customer projects, we have established well-practised approaches to new technologies as well.
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Secure exchange and improved data quality

We transmit your data to the specific recipient at the right time. In this process, we ensure the syntactic and semantic verification of data integrity and exchange. As part of the eurodata Group, you can rely on our group-owned, high-performance data centre in Germany, certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.

We not only exchange data; we also ensure consistent and error-free data. For example, your data quality is checked by automatically comparing the delivery note with the original order or the delivery note with the invoice, as well as checking for CE conformity and comparing item numbers.

As quality is paramount for us, we independently develop our two core products, edbic and edpem, which serve as the foundation for implementing our solutions

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Flexible service modules tailored to your requirements

Our tailored service packages, built on years of experience, ensure effective and reliable implementation. We provide clearly defined service modules, such as in EDI and e-invoicing, which include planning and goal setting.

Individual service modules follow standardised processes and methods, which gives you the opportunity to track the project status and ensures that your implementation complies with the correct procedure. In addition, we offer a fixed price guarantee and provide you with connections that can be calculated and tracked.

Even when it comes to new technologies, the focus is on simplicity and flexibility rather than complexity.

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Implementation of non-standards
compacer offers a format-independent conversion service that enables the secure and automated exchange of business documents, including the implementation of your own non-standardised data exchange formats.

This service is specifically designed to develop customised solutions for the unique requirements and processes of a company, with a focus on specialised individual connections and complex migration projects. The development of non-standards is crucial in the field of EDI data exchange, and even in more complex projects within our other solutions, we always think outside the box and offer more than just standard solutions.

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Our software products

Our in-house software products edbic and edpem offer the right digital tools for every use case.


edbic ‒ Business integration cluster

compacer edbic is the smart data hub for all your data and process integration tasks. With edbic, you can synchronise and standardise various data formats, whether locally, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

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edpem ‒ Process event monitoring

compacer edpem enables you to continuously monitor and control all business processes across your organisation. This allows you to precisely control operational risks and correct them immediately if necessary.

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Olli-Pekka Pauna

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Are you interested in our software, do you have any questions about our products, or would you like to find out more about compacer? Please get in touch with your personal contact person directly.

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