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edbic ‒ Software for smart data integration

Seamless data exchange drives your business forward and boosts productivity. Keep your data flowing effortlessly and in an automated manner with edbic from compacer!

What is edbic?

edbic serves as a central hub for smart connectivity. We designed it to streamline data and process integration. This ensures comprehensive transparency across entire value chains, even when using a wide range of applications. edbic makes electronic data exchange a breeze for businesses by automating the collection of data in various formats, processing it, and providing it in an appropriate format for further processing. This generates significant benefits for your company: automation through edbic reduces costs and saves time, all while minimising risks and eliminating potential sources of error.


Data integration and automation at scale

edbic facilitates digital communication between a wide variety of software applications, machines (M2M), and business partners, thereby simplifying communication within the value chain. edbic can be used in almost any industry. It does not require any programming skills, is fully scalable and can be configured to meet your company's specific needs.

We take care of setup and maintenance and we host edbic on our own servers if you don't have the capabilities to do so in-house. As a company within the eurodata-Group, we utilise eurodata's high-performance data centre in Saarbrücken, certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 standards.


What can edbic do? Practical use cases

edbic will optimise a whole host of your data-driven business processes. Whether it's e-invoicing or the general exchange of business data and information (EDI), edbic propels your company forward through efficient automation.

Be it digitally connecting business partners, communicating with suppliers and customers, or digitalising your accounting processes, edbic can be utilised for process optimisation across various industries. Its capabilities extend from automatic data capture and processing to process monitoring, ensuring efficient oversight of all operations.


Connect anything with everything

edbic is a flexible data integration solution that can be adapted to almost any purpose. It connects your business to customers and partners through its wide array of ready-made function modules and standardised connectors, ensuring you have continuous access to relevant data for process automation and optimisation purposes.

Don’t have programming knowledge? No problem! edbic is a modular application that runs independently of any platform and can be configured in a flexible manner. Our support is available around the clock to assist you.

5 benefits of edbic for your business

Automation and increased efficiency:
edbic takes work off your hands by automating the processing and integration of information. This ability to automate business processes helps drive efficiency and reduce workload.

Integration and connectivity:
edbic offers comprehensive integration capabilities and can connect almost any software application, machine, and business partner. This also includes integration of different applications used in the company and by business partners.

Transparency and monitoring:
Stay in control with edbic. Through continuous monitoring and process visualisation, edbic facilitates greater transparency across overall processes, which is essential for achieving a comprehensive view of value chains across a company.
Scalability and flexibility:
edbic is adaptable, flexibly scalable, and adjusts to the evolving needs of your business. This includes flexible data management and data handling that can adapt to the dynamic business environment.
Data hub:
edbic acts as a central data hub for smart connectivity, data, and process integration, enabling seamless data exchange and improved automation and optimisation of business processes.
edbic x Digital transformation

edbic makes companies ready for digital transformation. With compacer edbic, you can effortlessly simplify your company's heterogeneous infrastructure and efficiently digitalise your business processes.

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edbic x Data strategy and management

edbic assists you in effectively collecting, managing, and analysing data to help you implement your data strategy to drive your business success.

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edbic x Digital retrofit

Industry 4.0 for existing systems – no problem with edbic! The software makes older, analogue systems and machines digitally capable, thereby enhancing their service life and efficiency.

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edbic x Process automation

Data integration and process automation go hand in hand. edbic enables the optimisation and automation of business processes, while also reducing manual steps in operations.

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Download edbic data sheet

Would you like to learn more about compacer edbic? Our 4-page data sheet contains all the essential information and application possibilities for our modern data integration system.

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