Maximise your business efficiency in the digital age

With software-supported process automation

Utilise our expertise in the digitalisation of business processes to optimise and automate recurring workflows. With our software, you can enhance the efficiency of your company, reducing manual tasks and costs.

Holistic software-supported process automation

compacer offers SMEs and large corporations the right technology to simplify work processes intelligently through automation.

Automate all processes: from ordering and delivery requests, various confirmation processes through to delivery and invoicing. Our scalable software products, compacer edbic and edpem, provide you with maximum transparency and control of your business processes through continuous monitoring.

Discover the path to process automation with us and navigate safely through the challenges of digital transformation. We are happy to support you from process analysis to software implementation and will also take care of maintenance in the long term.



Revolutionise invoice creation and processing by automating manual tasks for the future.
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Peppol enables the secure exchange of electronic invoices in various predefined electronic formats with authorities and affiliated companies throughout Europe.
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Use process automation to simplify the integration of different systems and data sources through standardised data mapping methods!
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Continuous Monitoring

Process automation combined with real-time monitoring helps optimise operational performance, detect anomalies instantly, and reduce costs effectively.
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Airport uses process automation for ground handling services

Find out how a European airport was able to effectively automate its passenger and freight process monitoring and optimise aircraft turnaround times by implementing compacer's edbic and edpem software.

compacer x Process automation


Significant increase in efficiency

By automating recurring processes, you increase the efficiency of all workflows.


Cost reduction

Process automation saves you operating costs for manual work steps.

Automated e-Invoicing

Ensures particularly efficient and error-free invoice processing.

Promoting digital transformation

Process automation drives the digital transformation of your company through the integration of modern technologies.

Monitoring, integration, and exchange of data

Simplify the handling of data with automated, standardised methods.
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