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compacer - more than just a service provider!

compacer is a dynamic and motivated team of specialists in the integration and automation of business-critical processes with more than 25 years of experience. Our comprehensive solutions for a format-agnostic data exchange between IT systems, machines and equipment enables ultra-fast, reliable business processes.

On behalf of international corporations and medium-sized enterprises, we design and realise Smart Services solutions “Made in Germany” in the areas of EDI, e-invoicing, retrofit and predictive maintenance, bringing to bear the power of the latest database technology: the blockchain.

We care about your flexibility, so you can always decide whether you need a cloud or an on-premise solution.

We have acquired thorough expertise in numerous national and international projects. Therefore, our clients appreciate us as an independent technology partner who helps them in the optimisation of their value chain by developing and evolving safe ecosystems.

Compacer was established from the former TTO and eurodata tec and is part of the eurodata group.

Who we are

Our vision

We do not merely have our fingers on the pulse of time. Rather, our vision is to remain one step ahead with our solutions. We are committed to give our customers and partners the best tools to fully exploit any opportunities presented by new trends and technologies. By consequence, innovation is at the core of who we are. Buzzwords such as digitalisation, Industry 4.0, IIoT and blockchain are no empty phrases to us, but actual technologies that we routinely implement on behalf of our clients.

Our mission

We have made it our mission to develop smart solutions with real added value for our clients. To achieve this, we are deploying all our inventiveness, extensive digitalisation experience and technological proficiency. We flexibly respond to our clients’ individual project requirements and support them in becoming more agile, more efficient and more tightly networked. This is how we make sure that your digitalisation projects will evolve to always remain safe and one step ahead of the competition.
Making trends and new technologies come alive

We are an IT service provider who offers its own top-of-the-line products and solutions “Made in Germany”. Together with our many years of know-how, this guarantees our long-standing success in realising national and international projects. We bring to bear the unique expertise necessary to cope with your special cases where out-of-the-box approaches just won’t do. This is where we are really standing out!

Since we are constantly expanding our portfolio and gaining additional knowledge with each new client project, we easily embrace new technologies such as the blockchain.

Secure data exchange with improved data quality

We always transmit your data to the right recipient at the right time. We also guarantee the syntactic and semantic verification of the data integrity and of the data exchange itself. As we belong to the eurodata group, you can put your trust in eurodata’s own ISO/IEC 27001-certified high-performance data centre located in Germany.

We do not simply exchange data, we make sure they are consistent and free of errors. For example, we can verify data quality by automatically comparing an invoice with the corresponding delivery note and with the original purchase order, by checking CE conformity or by validating article numbers.

To guarantee the level of quality that we and our clients expect, we are developing our core products, edbic and edpem, ourselves. It is a simple matter of trust.
Flexible service modules that meet your requirements

Thanks to our long-standing experience, you will benefit from service packages that are coherent, compelling, practical and proven. For example, we are offering fixed service modules for EDI and e-invoicing that include a description of the project approach, a definition of its objectives and the creation of dependable project schedules.

Individual service modules follow standardised procedures and methods, giving you the opportunity to track the project status and eliminate bad surprises in the implementation stage. On top, we guarantee fixed prices and provide you with predictable and traceable connections.

Even when dealing with emerging technologies, the focus is on flexibility and simplicity of use, making complexity transparent.
An individual end-to-end service portfolio, consulting inclusive

Service is our top priority. We therefore offer you a comprehensive end-to-end service portfolio that will accompany you from approaching your customers and designing the required data interfaces up to project completion and a continuous monitoring of the data exchange.

You will thus benefit from a partner keen on supporting you from the beginning to the end. For us, consulting begins with a preliminary discussion of the planned process and usually ends with the creation of a thorough documentation and guidelines – but we will be happy to give you further support when you need it.
Implementation of non-standards

Our format-independent conversion service enables an automated and secure exchange of business documents. In addition to established and standard formats, we are specialised on successfully connecting you to your customers by designing and implementing tailored data exchange filters for proprietary formats.

We will create suitable solution concepts that meet your individual requirements and company-specific processes. We are equally versed in setting up individual connectors and in completing migration projects with hundreds of mappings. Benefit from 100% transparency and rapid troubleshooting – with compacer at your side.

In the area of EDI, developing for non-standards is almost a given, but we excel by looking beyond standards and adopting a broader view for all of our solutions, even when faced with complex projects beyond EDI.

Why compacer?
There are a lot of strong reasons!

Our mode of operation:
Converting challenges into smart solutions.

Are you in need of a standard solution for EDI ore-Invoicing ? Would you like to tackle old problems with new technologies such as Blockchain or Predictive Maintenance We can future-proof your IT infrastructure and get it back on the innovation track, because innovation and trending topics is what we do.

We care about your flexibility, so you can always decide whether you need a cloud or an on-premise solution.